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Online Craps has become a popular game in online casinos over the past few years, but the game actually has a long history. When playing Craps online, players will enjoy the same level of action at a land casino, but will enjoy the convenience of being able to play from the comfort of home. While Craps may seem to be an intimidating game, new players can pick up the rules, some tips and strategies that can help them when they step in to play the game for cash wagers.

Online Craps is a game of luck, though some players will take the time to develop betting strategies. Once players understand how bets are placed, they will be ready to enjoy this exciting game. The best thing for new players is to play some free Craps games to better prepare for the real thing.

Playing Craps can be a rewarding experience and the best online casinos will offer players additional incentives by providing casino bonuses. The money that is earned from these bonuses can be used to place wagers at the Craps table. If players are planning on solely playing Craps when they are in a casino, they should always look for sites that offer Craps specific bonus offers. These deals can allow players to play for longer periods of time without having to risk their own money.

Many players state that field bets are not good choices, but this will depend on the player. To increase the odds of winning when a field bet has been placed, players should avoid placing these bets on each roll. Field bets only offer s 44% chance of winning. If three field bets have passed without winning that might be the best time to place one of these bets. It will also be best to avoid proposition bets as these provide very low chances of winning. They may offer high payouts, but they will end up costing players over time.

Once players have a general idea of the rules and the betting options, they will find Craps to be one of the most exciting games offered in any online casino.

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